Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pictures of miley cyrus. Sexy pictures.

Pictures of miley cyrus...

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How strong is my case? I've been called lame *** _ and it was written on the board 2-3 x as a joke Co B Coz workers felt lazy - but I have never been drafted to be lazy. I've been called a dic * k. .. and a penis was painted on my locker, I asked leave for medical reasons in writing - and never received the papers, colleagues had (and still) on the locker photos of naked women, the swastikas, and 1 guy ... a year 45 years who likes teenage girls, a sexy pics of Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) and Hayden penotterie (misspelled) in their bikinis w / his writings on the inseam is 4 Brad. But becoz I visit San Jose Costa Rica have 3x year was called a child molester and when female employees saw the pictures on Miley Cyrus and accuse the other type of files being Pedi I been prepared for the job error if it followed 2009 Rule Book Company guideline. supervisor reported that she had written me to say anything and lie about me .. she was demoted after not dong ... I have videotape of the above, \ Their stongest point i was late a lot,
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